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SSVA Impression winners

Posted by SSVA on Dec 24, 2018 3:53:48 PM


The goal of the program is to recognize SSVA team members who are living examples of SSVA’s Core Values.

The foundation of the SSVA Community is our 10 Core Values:

  1. Promoting a positive and peaceful world.
  2. Enhancement of the quality of life for all.
  3. Person centered planning and thinking in all decisions.
  4. Maintaining a positive outlook, attitude, and solution focused perspective.
  5. Kindness, generosity, and lending a helping hand – a family like atmosphere.
  6. Open, direct, honest, and timely communication
  7. Respecting and embracing diversity and difference of opinion.
  8. Safe working and living environments - taking care of the world around us.
  9. Flexibility and creativity.
  10. Having fun!


Hampton Roads Impression Winner

Daine Douglas recognized by Maria Jenkins for creating a Positive and Peaceful World  

Positive and Peaceful World You make the world a more positive and peaceful place. Thanks for being a team player and helping when needed.


Lynchburg Impression Winner

Connie Windsor recognized by Chastidy Kurz for her Kindness

Kindness - You express kindness and humility.


Danville Impression Winner

Kristy Talbard recognized by Annitra Haymes for Person Centeredness

Person Centeredness - You use person-centered planning and thinking.


Thank you all for the effort you're making to live out SSVA's core values!




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